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Thermal & Optical Bi-spectrum Camera


Thermal & Optical Bi-spectrum Camera


Thermal & Optical Bi-spectrum Camera

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◆  Thermal imaging + visible light in one of the camera
◆ Thermal imaging body temperature measurement, accuracy up to 0.3℃(with black body)
◆  Real-time temperature measurement, multi-objective synchronous automatic measurement
◆  Intelligent over-temperature alarm, rapid screening and tracking of temperature anomalies
◆  Resolution up to 2M(1920x1080@30fps)
◆  Support low bit rate, low latency, ROI area of interest enhanced coding
◆  Support multi-line OSD, font, size, color, position adjustable
◆  Support 3D digital noise reduction and WDR
◆  Support automatic electronic shutter function, adapt to different monitoring environment
◆  Support a variety of intelligent alarm linkage output
◆  Support Onvif access
◆  Support Email, FTP and NTP services
◆  Supports HTTPS encrypted transport
◆  Change the password when starting the initial equipment to ensure the security of the password
◆  Support 2-way alarm input / 1-way alarm output
◆  Support Micro SD card (128G) local storage
◆  Support PoE power supply