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human smart


human smart



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◆ use the built-in deep learning algorithm of human shape and car shape, suitable for traffic statistics
◆ only human or vehicle detection and analysis, other moving objects will not be affected by detection
◆ support target counting, electronic fence, retrograde detection, off-site detection
Support to calculate the statistics of import and export persons and vehicle flow
◆ support to view daily/monthly report statistics and report to export
◆ support Smart IR to prevent infrared overexposure at night
◆ICR infrared filter automatic switch, to achieve real day and night monitoring
◆ support corridor mode and add longitudinal and narrow monitoring areas in the environment
◆ support multi-line OSD, font, size, color, position adjustable
◆ support 3D digital noise reduction and TWDR
◆ support automatic electronic shutter function, adapt to different monitoring environment
◆ support a variety of intelligent alarm linkage output
◆ support GB28181 access, support Onvif access
◆ support Email, FTP and NTP services
◆ supports HTTPS encrypted transport
◆ change the password when starting the initial equipment to ensure the security of the password
◆ support two-way voice intercom
◆ support 2-way alarm input / 1-way alarm output
◆ support Micro SD card (128G) local storage
◆ support PoE power supply