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Central Management Platform CMS2.0

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◆CMS support C/S and B/S structure, can be distributed cascade system
◆Support 4K, H.265 encoding video access
◆Management, storage, forwarding, electronic maps, alarm module, etc
◆Centralized management devices (including DVR, NVR, keyboards, decoder, and IPC, etc.)
◆Integrated sevices, inclding management, monitoring, playback, storage, control and TV wall
◆Support I8, I8H, onvif, GB28181 initiative register protocol  access
◆Support IP, domain name various ways of device access
◆64 split screen browsing, searching, and playback history data
◆Each function module can be draged independently, open max five real-time preview windows at the same time
◆Support monitoring, bidirectional talk, electronic map functions ,intelligent detection result display
◆Support multi-open split screen function, can show different functions in different display
◆ Support alarm linkage, and image pop-up ,Receive alarm infomation from the front-end device,electronic map alarm
◆Support image group round tour, TV wall playback
◆Support WEB remote configuration management and monitoring  & playback
◆Support alarm linkage, upload alarm information via front-end device
◆The database can plan backup timly
◆Based on the PC hardware to realize storage and forwarding function
◆Manageconfiguration and application operation, architecture independently , simple and clear
◆Through software device access can decod third-party ONVIF video streaming