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Face Recognition Camera


Face Recognition Camera


2MP HD Face Detection Capture Comparison Camera

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◆Adopt 2.8-12mm motorized lens, convenient and easy operation, stable zoom process
◆Built-in face recognition algorithm
◆Support face detection of face pupil distance more than 60 pixels
◆Face detection, capture, comparison integrated
◆Can import 2000 faces library, used for comparison
◆In setting detection area, no-dead-corner capture standing, sitting, squatting, walking, running, cycling and various posturing person and capture to output the optimal face images.
◆Faster recognition and higher recognition rate
◆Support black/white list comparison linkage alarm output
◆High capture rate and capture efficiency
◆Support Onvif , RTSP protocol
◆Capture images support FTP uploading, TCP protocol uploading, SDK butting uploading, breakpoints Transmission
◆The system can operate offline and operate independently in access control, road gate and other systems.
◆Long-term stable operation