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NVR (Network Video Recorder)


NVR (Network Video Recorder)


8CH 5MP Full Real-time Network Video Recorder

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◆Max 8CH full real-time 5MP video access, small 1U NVR case
◆H.264 dual-stream decoding, embedded linux operation system
◆Support sync video recording, remote monitoring, backup
◆VGA/HDMI sync output, support 1080P HD preview
◆Support image preview and playback image 12 times electronic zoom
◆Standard ONVIF, RTSP, GB28181 protocol
◆Support alarm  snapshot, Email sending
◆Support WEB, mobile viewer, Client, CMS monitoring
◆Support external alarm
◆Support SMART IPC  target counting、object detection、region detection、virtual cordon、voice alarm、license plate black and white list、vehicle detection、face detection、fire detection、videognosis and so on
◆Support grouping disk quota、and disk disk group two storage pattern,can allocate different video to save capacity or  cycle for different channel
◆Support IPC centralized management, including IPC parameter configuration, information import&export, information real-time acquiring and upgrading function
◆Dual Gigabit LAN,support dual network IP setting these application
◆Support channel grouping,preview round tour
◆Support network detection(network traffic monitoring、network libpcap、network unobstructed)function
◆Support max 8CH synchronous playback and multi-channel synchronous run backward
◆Support real-time playback,in the preview screen to specify first passage of the current video playback,and does not affect the other channels preview
◆The new UI interface, support one click to open the video recording function
◆Support dual password authentication and zero channel function